Farewell Letter from Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu

My name is Nguyen Thi Thu, 75 years old, and I live in Hung Phu county, Can Tho City. Today I would have to speak my farewell words to all HHB members.

In my life, I am always a faithful fellow of HHB and have been practicing the teachings of the Prophet Huynh since 1940. For 25 years (1975-1999), my heart and soul have been so painful when seeing Hoa Hao Buddhism harassed and pushed to the end. The situation became worse since May 26, 1999 when the communist government appointed a Hoa Hao Buddhist Representative Board (HHBRB) which comprised of mostly active communist members. This is obviously a wicked plan to destroy our religion.

The regulation of the HHBRB has completely denied the presence of the Church of Hoa Hao Buddhism, destroyed our religious flag, forbidden the annual celebration on February 25, the heart-broken day on which our Prophet was taken from us. In addition, they also cut off 80% of the contents of the book Sam Giang PGHH, took down the sign To Dinh PGHH at the place where the Prophet had lived, and many more unacceptable actions.

Recently, for the survival sake of our religion and of our Prophet's spirit, who had founded this religion with more than 5 millions members, some loyal fellows have decided to protest against the HHBRB. Confronted with the heavey Communist forces, the devoteed Hoa Hao Buddhist community must unit and present a unified front.

Although I am a woman, I do see that I have a responsibility to protect our religion. However, due to my old age and weaken body, I can not contribute so much in the work of fighting for religious righteousness. Therefore, I would like to voluntarily set fire on my old body to express my intention:

Forever Hoa Hao Buddhism
Forever live in our heart Prophet Huynh Phuc So
October 10, 1999


Nguyen Thi Thu with regards to the farewell letter
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News Source:
Mr. Le Quang Liem
Saigon, Vietnam
Date: October 26, 1999
Time: 08:44 AM


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